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Mecardo offers webinars (online market outlook seminars) on a range of topics, including the market outlook for wool, livestock and grain. Presenters include Mecardo analysts and a range of external market specialists.  

Our Mecardo analysts offer an independent perspective on markets. This, together with guest commentators, ensures we provide a diverse range of views for you to consider.

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Without a doubt, 2015 was an extraordinary year for Australian cattle markets. So what’s in store for 2016? Will the market continue the good fortune, or are we in for a few bumps in the road? In this webinar, MLA’s Ben Thomas joins Mecardo's Rob Herrmann to outline MLA's latest five-year cattle industry projections and what they mean for cattle prices. 

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SHEEP WOOL DSC_2061 160X140Lamb and sheep markets have weathered the dry conditions of the last two years well compared to cattle, but haven’t seen the surge in prices we’ve seen for cattle recently.  Will lamb prices continue to face headwinds? Importantly, what prices can we budget on for the coming years?  In this webinar, MLA's Ben Thomas joined Mecardo's Angus Brown to outline MLA's latest industry projections and what they mean for sheep and lamb prices.

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The last couple of months have seen Australian cattle prices surge to unprecedented levels. Strong demand fundamentals, particularly in our key markets, and the expected tightening in Australian supplies, bode well for a continuation of this good fortune. So, how far could cattle markets go?  What risks are there? And what’s likely to happen if El Nino eventuates?  In this webinar, MLA's Ben Thomas joined Mecardo's Augusto Semmelroth to outline MLA's latest industry projections and what they mean for cattle prices.

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  • The Cattle Market: what's happening and what's in store? - 26 March 2015

This webinar covers an update on the outlook for Australian cattle markets.  It was presented as part of the Better Beef program, in conjunction with Mecardo and MLA's More Beef from Pastures. Becoming a BetterBeef associate member is free, and gives you access to practical information to help you improve the profitability and productivity of your beef business. 

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  • So it's rained.  Where to for cattle prices, and what to do about it?  5 February 2015

In this webinar, Mecardo’s Augusto Semmelroth and Angus Brown look at the Australian cattle cycle and other key drivers of the current market; the outlook for different cattle prices; and trading opportunities for making the most of the current market. 

    • Basis - the basis of sound grain marketing.  6 November 2014

In this webinar, CHS’s Chris Brown outlined the CHS view of international markets and potential for price movements. Ag Concepts Advisory’s Angus Brown then looked at current local basis, constructing sales strategies using basis in the current market and how to take advantage of price upside.

    • Wool market – continue to disappoint or a spring rally?   22 September 2014

Will the wool market change anytime soon, and what will drive this change?  In this webinar, leading global wool market analyst Chris Wilcox shared valuable insights into the current and future export market demand.  Mecardo’s Robert Herrmann then looked at the Australian supply situation, including the multi-year seasonal effect on micron and supply.  Importantly, what do these drivers all mean for the wool price outlook?

  • Will sheepmeat demand remain strong? Ewe bet. 5 August 2014

In this webinar, MLA’s Chief Economist, Tim McRae, summarised MLA’s 2014 mid-year sheepmeat industry projections released on 4 August. Mecardo’s Robert Herrmann then took a look at what these projections mean for Australian sheepmeat producers and the market outlook.  This webinar was supported by Leading Sheep (QLD), SheepConnect NSW, SheepConnect SA, SheepConnect TAS, The Sheep's Back (WA) and Best Wool / Best Lamb (Victoria). 

  • The Cattle Market - more of the same or a new dawn. 21 July 2014

In this webinar, MLA’s Chief Economist, Tim McRae, summarised the key points of MLA’s 2014 mid-year cattle industry projections released on 14 July. Mecardo’s Robert Herrmann then took a look at what these projections mean for Australian cattle producers and the market outlook.


Mecardo information is provided to assist in your marketing decisions. It contains a range of data and views on the current market. It is not intended to constitute advice for a specific purpose. Before taking any action in relation to information contained within this report, you should seek advice from a qualified professional. The information is obtained from a variety of sources and neither Mecardo nor Ag Concepts Advisory will be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may arise from the use of information or for any error or mis-statement contained in this report. 


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