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As independent argricultural market analysts, Mecardo are often approached for comment on agricultural market issues. We are able to accomdate commentary requests on grain, livestock, wool and fx.

Our recent media comments are listed below:

18-Jan-17 WA wool producers keep flock numbers high to reap benefits of wool price ABC Rural
17-Jan-17 Gains made in return to trading Stock and Land
17-Jan-17 Cattle market set to sizzle for a while yet The Land
11-Jan-17 Chinese spring festival softens wool exports Farm Weekly
26-Dec-16 What made the news in February Queensland Country Life
20-Dec-16 Cattle: Export price fall concerns Stock and Land
20-Dec-16 Positive signals for lamb Stock Journal
16-Dec-16 Seed contamination threat The Land
14-Dec-16 Spring supply contraction pumps prices The Land
13-Dec-16 Eastern cattle indicator 9% up on last year Stock and Land
9-Dec-16 The outlook for lamb ABC Countryhour
9-Dec-16 Despite a bumper crop, grain growers face poor returns due to low prices ABC Rural
6-Dec-16 Most eastern cattle classes softer Stock and Land
6-Dec-16 ​Riverina producers benefit from five-year price high for wool The Land
29-Nov-16 Eastern cattle indicator well up on year Stock and Land
22-Nov-16 East coast slaughters down slightly Stock and Land
15-Nov-16 Effect of Trump election unclear Stock and Land
9-Nov-16 Australian fine wool supplies tighten Stock and Land
8-Nov-16 Slaughter numbers at four-month high Stock and Land
1-Nov-16 EYCI hits two-month low Stock and Land
25-Oct-16 Eastern indicator falls below 700¢ Stock and Land
25-Oct-16 Eastern indicator falls below 700¢ Stock and Land
24-Oct-16 Restockers drive cattle market but full potential still to be realised Stock and Land
19-Oct-16 Live sheep exports sink 16pc Stock and Land
19-Oct-16 Spring flush takes effect Stock and Land
18-Oct-16 Eastern cattle numbers up 91 per cent Stock and Land
13-Oct-16 US commodity report sends cotton prices higher while other ag commodities slump ABC Rural
11-Oct-16 Cattle: East coast yardings remain low Stock and Land
5-Oct-16 Huge sheep demand forecast as the sheep numbers fall across the country ABC Rural
5-Oct-16 Huge sheep demand forecast as the sheep numbers fall across the country ABC Rural
5-Oct-16 Australian farmers who hedged prices less affected by current pricing Xinhua
4-Oct-16 Parallels with 2005 start to emerge Stock and Land
28-Sep-16 Cattle: Eastern yardings down 31 per cent Stock and Land
28-Sep-16 Where the rain falls, broad wool grows Stock and Land
20-Sep-16 Cattle: Eastern indicator ends week at 713¢ Stock and Land
17-Sep-16 Elders exit from live cattle trade ABC Rural
15-Sep-16 High rainfall and yields for Victoria WIN News Victoria
14-Sep-16 Spring’s beef buying frenzy amid supply shortage The Weekly Times
13-Sep-16 Elders' exit from live export may be about social image ABC Rural
13-Sep-16 Limited east coast supply prevents cattle plunge Stock and Land
13-Sep-16 Australia eyes bumper winter crop Xinhua
11-Sep-16 Time is ripe for forward cattle contracts Queensland Country Life
6-Sep-16 Eastern young cattle indicator finishes week at 705¢/kg cwt Stock and Land
30-Aug-16 Eastern young cattle indicator drops 12¢ Stock and Land
30-Aug-16 Warning for steak lovers Ten News
26-Aug-16 Global factors magnify uncertain wheat future Stock Journal
24-Aug-16 Wool market remains steady with Eastern Market Indicator lifting 1c/kg The Weekly Times
24-Aug-16 Grain Market Update : Skipton GRDC Farm Business Updates WIN News Victoria
23-Aug-16 Eastern cattle index may have peaked for 2016 Stock and Land
19-Aug-16 Wool forward trading regulated Stock and Land
17-Aug-16 Index smashes the 700 barrier Stock and Land
17-Aug-16 Prices ease as rain relief floods wool market The Land
17-Aug-16 Cattle market’s gold medal performance still not a personal best The Land
17-Aug-16 Record beef price surge expected to continue until spring The Weekly Times
16-Aug-16 Meat futures products emerge to allow producers to manage price risks ABC Rural
16-Aug-16 Big beef processing capacity cuts continue The Land
13-Aug-16 Beef needs prolonged highs for real benefit The Land
10-Aug-16 Countryhour Tasmania: Update on Grain ABC Rural
9-Aug-16 Slaughter rates for cattle drop 18 per cent compared to this time last year ABC Rural
9-Aug-16 Tight supply spur prices Stock and Land
8-Aug-16 Australia set for cheap super yield in wheat Feed Navigator
4-Aug-16 Eastern cattle indicator reaches new high Stock and Land
4-Aug-16 No movement on GM ban Stock and Land
28-Jul-16 East coast cattle yarding declines Stock and Land
28-Jul-16 More lambs ramp up spring volatility The Land
27-Jul-16 Does a ban on GM crops in South Australia produce a premium? ABC Rural
27-Jul-16 Lamb prices predicted to surge despite price slump last week The Weekly Times
21-Jul-16 Records Tumble in NSW, Victoria at new highs Stock and Land
21-Jul-16 Tight sheep supply pressures exports The Land
15-Jul-16 Wool market optimistic as auctions close for winter ABC Rural
14-Jul-16 Cow market upside The Land
13-Jul-16 USDA crop projections lead to slight lift in global wheat, corn prices ABC Rural
13-Jul-16 Processor cutbacks spread as supplies tighten Farm Weekly
13-Jul-16 Going back to Auction school The Land
12-Jul-16 Processor cutbacks shift up a gear Stock and Land
11-Jul-16 Brexit could boost Aus trade The Land
8-Jul-16 Is it time for WA trade lamb to shine? Southern Cross Austereo
7-Jul-16 Record breaking figures continue Stock and Land
7-Jul-16 Warmer wool rates The Land
7-Jul-16 Aussie wheat farmers eye falls in overpriced market Xinhua
1-Jul-16 Brexit creates uncertainty for wool market ABC Rural
1-Jul-16 Specialty sheep tipped by breeders to become gourmet hit like Wagyu beef ABC Rural
30-Jun-16 Entering record-breaking territory Stock and Land
30-Jun-16 Lamb prices keep climbing The Land
29-Jun-16 Supermarket battle as lamb prices sizzle Queensland Country Life
29-Jun-16 Cattle and grain update WIN News Victoria
24-Jun-16 Cattle prices beefed up Bombala Times
23-Jun-16 Feeder demand drives prices up Stock and Land
23-Jun-16 Record prices as buyers battle for cattle The Land
21-Jun-16 Short-term trading garners favour with beef producers who now have extra feed Stock and Land
21-Jun-16 Australia on La Nina watch as El Nino ends Xinhua
16-Jun-16 Weather wrecks havoc on transport Stock and Land
16-Jun-16 Global rain affects crop hope The Land
14-Jun-16 Supermarket battle: Red Meat 9News Australia
9-Jun-16 Indicator for heavy steers is at a high Stock and Land
8-Jun-16 Beef, lamb and goat indicators close to even for first time The Weekly Times
3-Jun-16 Globalisation hitting Australian grain farmers Xinhua
2-Jun-16 Weather outlook supports markets Stock and Land
1-Jun-16 Glimmer of hope for lift in US beef market The Land
30-May-16 A slump in shipping rates is eating away competitive advantage ABC Rural
30-May-16 Why are shipping rates important to Australian grain prices? Southern Cross Austereo
27-May-16 Sheep supply scramble Farm Weekly
27-May-16 Shandong RuYi moves in on Lempriere Australia Queensland Country Life
26-May-16 Wool sales down as market escalates Farm Weekly
17-May-16 Wool confidence going Forward Farm Weekly
12-May-16 Rain helps boost cattle prices The Land
10-May-16 Rains curb fears of failed winter crops in Australia Xinhua
5-May-16 Dual purpose drives change Stock Journal
27-Apr-16 UK’s access to US lamb market near Stock and Land
23-Apr-16 ABC National Rural News ABC Rural
21-Apr-16 Non-mulesed premium to hasten chance The Land
21-Apr-16 Unanimous support for NSW parliament's mulesing motion The Land
20-Apr-16 Eastern Young Cattle indicator drops to lowest since November The Weekly Times
20-Apr-16 Eastern Young Cattle indicator drops to lowest since November The Weekly Times
19-Apr-16 Live trade money pumps growth into beef stations Farm Weekly
19-Apr-16 中国市场需求大减 澳大利亚高粱临近价格低谷 JFINFO
18-Apr-16 Countryhour (SA): Meat processor margins taking a hit ABC Rural
18-Apr-16 Countryhour (Vic): Meat processor margins taking a hit ABC Rural
14-Apr-16 Sorghum boom draws to a close Queensland Country Life
14-Apr-16 Prickly wool politics hurting growth Stock and Land
4-Apr-16 Too early to discount Australian crops Xinhua
29-Mar-16 The Brazilian beef industry’s slow climb could be a nightmare for Australia The Weekly Times
26-Mar-16 Angus bull sells for $26,500 at auction, sets West Australian record ABC Rural
25-Mar-16 Co-op retains confidence in red meat processing Farm Weekly
24-Mar-16 Wool market lifts Farm Weekly
16-Mar-16 Poultry crowing about retail beef prices Farm Weekly
11-Mar-16 Thomas Foods ABC Landline (TV)
10-Mar-16 Latest estimates of global grain stocks draw little reaction from markets ABC Rural
8-Mar-16 Merinos’ fight for acres Farm Weekly
3-Mar-16 Costs a driver for live exports Townsville Bulletin
2-Mar-16 Weighing up the value of CBH proposal Farm Weekly
2-Mar-16 Roller-coaster ride ahead, according to ABARES The Weekly Times
1-Mar-16 Countryhour: Lamb slaughter records ABC Rural
26-Feb-16 Angus bull sells for $26,500 at auction, sets West Australian record ABC Rural
25-Feb-16 Record for EYCI price is reached Stock and Land
18-Feb-16 Beef processor margin squeeze under the spotlight Farm Weekly
14-Feb-16 Breeders to benefit most from 2016 cattle market Farm Weekly
3-Feb-16 Eastern Young Cattle Indicator tipped to keep rising The Weekly Times
27-Jan-16 China hits mutton prices The Weekly Times
21-Jan-16 US should always be on a beef producer’s mind Farm Weekly
14-Jan-16 Countryhour: Poor price premiums at Western Vic salesyards ABC Rural
13-Jan-16 Surprise cut to US wheat plantings sees local prices rise ABC Rural
12-Jan-16 Beef off peak but buoyant The Weekly Times
23-Dec-15 Brazilian beef exports to increase by 6 per cent in 2016 The Weekly Times
18-Dec-15 Fashion trends in China renew interest in broad wool types ABC Rural
17-Dec-15 Beef's challenges in 2016 Queensland Country Life
15-Nov-15 Island Wool ABC Landline (TV)
11-Nov-15 Beef's sizzling rise Queensland Country Life
11-Nov-15 Buyers feel pinch from falling supply The Weekly Times
16-Oct-15 How high can cows go? The Land
14-Oct-15 Positive signals ahead for beef cattle prices The Weekly Times
8-Oct-15 Female cattle kill hits herd Farm Weekly
7-Oct-15 US could curtail EYCI rise The Land
7-Oct-15 US quota tipped to dampen beef prices as exports climb The Weekly Times
24-Sep-15 Lamb prices strong despite dip The Land
21-Sep-15 North closing cattle price gap Stock and Land
17-Sep-15 Early decisions pay Stock and Land
15-Sep-15 EYCI surges past 590c/kg The Land
4-Sep-15 Beef blows family budget The Land
3-Sep-15 Grain analyst tipping wheat price rises during Australia's harvest ABC Rural
13-Aug-15 Trading cattle worth a punt The Land
6-Aug-15 Export demand lifts mutton The Land
20-Jul-15 Price projections staying high as slaughter surge continues The Land
7-Jul-15 Restockers push EYCI to 535c/kg The Land
30-Jun-15 US limits a boost for Aus beef The Land
25-Jun-15 EYCI continues record-busting rise The Land
18-Jun-15 Are we keeping enough cows? The Land
17-Jun-15 Cattle price rise surprise The Land
3-Jun-15 International canola prices surge as farmers around the world reduce plantings ABC Rural
30-May-15 Wool in spotlight at forum Bordermail
27-May-15 Northern price cap on cattle The Land
14-May-15 Cattle's climb continues The Land
13-May-15 Hungry feedlots push EYCI towards 500c/kg The Land
7-May-15 Slaughter cuts a sound strategy The Land
5-May-15 Sheep Meat Council confident about lamb industry ABC Rural
25-Mar-15 Market spooked over 'phantom herd' The Land
4-Mar-15 Cattle market takes cues from US The Land
4-Mar-15 Cattle prices slip, again The Land
14-Jan-15 Prices high but premiums low at western Victorian weaner sales ABC Rural
8-Jan-15 Cattle's new year bounce The Land
5-Dec-14 Lower production, changing fashions drive down sales of woollen clothing ABC Rural
4-Dec-14 ACCC expected to investigate JBS takeover of meat processor Primo ABC Rural
6-Oct-14 Eastern Young Cattle Indicator hits highest level in two years The Weekly Times
3-Jul-14 What's the future of Australia's wool supply? Farm Weekly
17-Jun-14 China's hunger for red meat ABC Rural
3-Apr-14 Cattle and lamb prices rising in SA and Victoria ABC Rural
19-Mar-14 Cattle markets at mercy of weather The Weekly Times
4-Dec-13 Countryhour: Victorian grain prices tipped to increase ABC Rural

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