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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Hay Market just a reflection of the overall Domestic Feed Market

By Farm Tender & Olivia Agar  |  Source: Farm Tender, Dairy Australia

It's extreme times in the Feed and Fodder Markets. Some that have been in the game for many years haven't seen it like this before; such is the volatility and uncertainty.

Right now, buyers are being left unsatisfied. In central west NSW, demand is definitely exceeding supply and as a result, there is a lot of hay moving across borders. The concerning question is how long before this becomes the case in southern parts of the country.

The numbers in Table 1 aren't a real reflection of where the market is at for the simple reason that each trade is so different. 

We think some are asking over the odds for things, but if you keep putting it out there often enough and for long enough the market reacts and these prices become the new norm.

Alternative feeds are even becoming increasingly difficult to source and in turn, increasingly expensive. Many are turning to Sorghum stubble and corn stalks. Rice Straw is also very popular at the moment.

Table 1 summarises hay prices over the period 18th July-1st of August 2018. The following explains the terminology used in the table:

  • Prices are $ + GST per Metric Tonne - $/mt
  • NS – New Season
  • OS – Old Season
  • 20/10/40/650 - Protein/ME/NDF/Bale weight
  • Shedded – Shedded
  • Cap/Tarp – Capped and or Tarped
  • Paddock – Paddock

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