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Thursday, July 05, 2018

Crystal ball gazing at what the new Hay season will bring.

By Farm Tender & Olivia Agar  |  Source: Farm Tender

Unlike the buoyant Lamb and Sheep Markets, Hay prices stayed level pegging in the last fortnight. Demand has waned in the dry areas of New South Wales.

No categories of hay had any noticeable price movements over the last few weeks. 

Some focus is now shifting onto the new Hay season and what that is going to bring. The later and dryer start in many of the Hay growing areas is a concern in regard to yield and quality. The frequent frosts are holding things back and drying things out further.

At this stage, it's a given that demand will outstrip supply come the new season as users will be looking to sure up supply early and take some of the extra handling costs away by buying off the baler or directly out of the paddock. 

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) is holding its annual conference on the 29th-31st of July 2018 in Adelaide. 

An interesting session will be the Contractors Workshop on the 29th of July at 10 am. This session will focus on how you can cut, rake and bale Hay all in the space of 3-4 days. It's standard practice in the US, and a presenter from that part of the world will outline how it all happens. This could be game-changing stuff and a session not to be missed. For more go to

Table 1 summarises hay prices over the period 21st June-5th of July 2018. The following explains the terminology used in the table:

 Prices are $ + GST per Metric Tonne - $/mt

  • NS – New Season
  • OS – Old Season
  • 20/10/40/650 - Protein/ME/NDF/Bale weight
  • Shedded – Shedded
  • Cap/Tarp – Capped and or Tarped
  • Paddock – Paddock

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