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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Price rises and premiums for Hay.

By Farm Tender & Olivia Agar  |  Source: Farm Tender

Demand for hay remains strong, with the majority of enquiry coming out of New South Wales. Considering the pressure we've seen over the last few weeks, it's not surprising that supply levels are dropping.

Over the last fortnight, prices were up across the board by $5-$10 in Victoria and South Australia. While in the Riverina, where there is now limited stocks, prices were up by $10-$20 right across the board.

Livestock Farmers, Dairy Farmers, and Feedlotters buying Hay have downgraded their expectations on quality by up to 20 percent in the last two weeks. Farmers and Feedlotters are preferring to take lower grade and old season Cereal Hay before they entertain Cereal Straw.

Producers don’t appear to be holding their breath for a big Autumn break. Farmers that run livestock and do produce their own Hay are more likely to hold onto the Hay that was once earmarked for sale.

Arranging freight is still proving difficult with trucks still being hard to come by.

If you are thinking of sowing an extra paddock for Hay production, why not go two, or three extra paddocks?

What you can do:

  • If you are looking to sell or buy Hay, make sure you register with first 
  • If you are a carrier and can cart Hay, there is plenty of work out there (register also)
  • If you have Hay to sell, let Farm Tender know.

Table 1 summarises hay prices over the period 25th of April to the 9th of May 2018. The following explains the terminology used in the table:

  • Prices are $ + GST per Metric Tonne - $/mt
  • NS – New Season
  • OS – Old Season
  • 20/10/40/650 - Protein/ME/NDF/Bale weight
  • Shedded – Shedded
  • Cap/Tarp – Capped and or Tarped
  • Paddock – Paddock

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